Be the Light Spotlight: Erica Good

Erica’s trip to Honduras was a profound experience. She now thinks differently about the power of $5; particularly a $5 donation and the direct impact it can have on the effort to provide accessible healthcare.

Erica was moved by how inaccessible basic medications like ibuprofen were in Honduras. “What resonates with me is knowing how close we are to a 7-11 or a store we can grab ibuprofen at. If you have a headache, you can walk to the first aid kid in our office and grab some ibuprofen. People in Honduras are walking two and a half hours to fill a prescription for ibuprofen versus you walking two minutes to get something out of the first aid kit.” Accessibility to basic supplies is a major hurdle.

Erica emphasized that small $5 donations have a profound impact in places like Honduras. While you’re unlikely to miss $5 from your paycheck, in Honduras, a $5 donation is a potent catalyst for change, capable of purchasing medication, offering relief, and fostering hope in communities where such essentials were hard-won luxuries. Think about $5 as a portion of your daily wage instead of a cup of coffee. “$5 is 15 minutes out of your workday. Let’s talk about what that actually does. It can buy necessary medication,” Erica urged. $5 can provide relief from daily ailments, from avoidable pain. What is $5 worth to you?

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