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Interviewing candidates is a critical aspect of the hiring process. The interview is often the final step before deciding who to hire! With high stakes, you want to conduct job interviews both effectively and efficiently. But how can you save time without skimping on the details?

Utilize our free interview worksheet! Insight Global created this worksheet to address common pain points during the interview process.

Your interview worksheet includes sample interview questions, a blank page for your own questions, and additional space to take notes on each candidate.

This worksheet helps you:

  • Keep track of which questions to ask
  • Organize your interview notes
  • Set up a structured interview process so it’s easier to compare candidate notes side-by-side

If you’re ready to improve your interview process, grab your free interview worksheet today!

Light blue background. Preview of three interview worksheets. Headline: Interview Worksheet Text: Conduct your next job interview with ease!

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Who This Worksheet Is For

  • HR Professionals Who Want to Create a Structured Interview Process

  • New Hiring Managers Who Need to Prep for Their First Interview

  • Any Hiring Manager Who Needs Help Staying Organized

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