Two welders from a welding staffing agency wearing face shields and welding a large piece of metal.

Hire A Welder

When you need to hire a welder, turn to Insight Global, a welding staffing agency. There’s no incomplete fusion here–just great welding candidates that will help you get the job done right the first time. Our welding staffing team helps you build a pool of applicants, screen them, conduct interviews, and make a homerun hire–all without paying upfront fees.

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Looking For A Welding Staffing Agency That Melts Away Hiring Complexity? We’ve Got You.

We’ve Created Thousands Of Job Descriptions For Welders – We Can Create Yours Too

Whether you need a welder that’s experienced with flex-cored arc, friction stir, or another technique, there’s no need to waste your time Googling “how to make job descriptions more appealing” or sifting through your company’s old job postings. Our welder staffing experts will write your description for you, optimizing it with the current best practices and your unique requirements.

Gain Access To The Best Welders In The Market

The Insight Global database has over 5 million pre-screened and qualified candidates – and that includes many top-tier welders skilled in a wide variety of welding techniques. You won’t find talent like this anywhere else.

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Advertise Your Opening For Free, On All The Major Job Board Sites

Not only do we post your opening on our own job board, but also on all the popular sites like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, etc. so you can expand your reach in the market and find the best candidates.

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You Don’t Pay Until You Make A Hire – And Only If You Make A Hire

Other job board sites and welding temp agencies will require subscriptions or charge you upfront fees. When you team up with Insight Global, you don’t pay anything until you hire your welder.

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Hire Your All-Star Welder In Record Time

Get a curated list of screened candidates within 24-48 hours. Then, we’ll help you conduct interviews, narrow down your search, and hire your newest welder.

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Partner With A Leading Welding Staffing Agency You Can Trust

We place over 50,000 consultants per year across various skill sets and industries. And those companies keep coming back to us for their staffing needs because we consistently bring them high-quality, top talent that they can’t find anywhere else.

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Our Process

Here’s how our welding temp agency helps you heat up your hiring process and land your all-star welder. From the moment you hit “Submit” on our hiring form to their final day of onboarding.


Reach Out

Submit a welder staffing request with some details about who you’re hoping to hire.



Your dedicated Hiring Partner reaches out to discuss your unique needs.


Review Candidates

We search, screen, and share a curated list of the most qualified candidates.


Interview & Offer

We’ll schedule or conduct interviews, and help you extend an offer.


Hire & Onboard

Hire a welder and leave the onboarding to us.

Ready to Get Started?

Complete our request form and get a response from our team in as little as 20 minutes.

Don’t Take It From Us

While our partnership with IG is newer, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences. We’ve been able to operate transparently as partners & feel supported by IG. The IG team has acted quickly when needed & has remained flexible for us as our needs change.

Bre G.

NIKE, Inc.
Insight Global is always in tune with my needs & works diligently to find the right candidates; not just a volume of candidates.

Shawn B.

Insight Global’s team aided in making a seemingly impossible task possible. They provided valuable insights in the conception & architecture of how we’d tackle a large hiring push & through close partnership, they pivoted & worked with us as needs changed.

Tim S.

Macy’s Inc.
My contacts at Insight Global have been friendly, helpful & listen to our needs. They have been flexible & helpful when short timelines were provided them. The candidates provided were qualified & teachable.

Rayna W.

Kellogg Company
Insight Global has been great to work with–getting us qualified candidates SO quickly that have been perfect culture fits for our team. We tried to fill some of these positions on our own for months, & Insight Global helped us fill them in under a week!

Cassie F.

Frontline Education

Looking for Regional Talent?
Check Out Our Local Offices Here.

Why We’re Your Partner for Success

When you partner with us, you don’t just “work with a temp company.” You connect with a team of real people who are here to help guide you through your good days and bad. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you matter to us and we have your back.


What other areas of the construction industry does Insight Global staff?

In addition to hiring welders, our staffing agency fills a wide variety of construction jobs including electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and construction managers. We also support a variety of other industries/job functions.

What kind of placements does Insight Global offer?

We provide placements on a contract, contract to permanent, and direct placement basis.

What types of companies does Insight Global work with?

From startups to the Fortune 500, we proudly partner with companies, departments, and teams of all sizes.

How quickly can Insight Global staff my open position?

Depending on interview availability and decision-making, we typically identify and screen candidates in 24-48 hours. Onboarding for consultant assignments takes as little as 1-3 days, but the typical timeframe for interviews, onboarding, and in the door working is 1-3 weeks.

Does Insight Global staff remote/work-from-home jobs?

Yes! We offer contract, contract to permanent, and direct placement talent solutions for in-person, remote, or hybrid jobs. Whether you’re a job seeker or hiring manager, we’re ready to help.

Can Insight Global help a candidate get set up to work remotely?

Absolutely! Whether a candidate needs help connecting to your company’s VPN, getting access to their new devices, or understanding your company’s remote work policies, our team is more than happy to assist.

What is Insight Global’s pricing structure?

We have flexible payment structures modeled to fit your unique hiring needs. We work backwards off of your allotted budget and find the best candidates to fit your salary requirements. There is no cost for our services until your hire begins working. Submit a request to our team, and we will provide you with a custom quote.

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A welder, wearing a hard hat, safety vest, and long-sleeve shirt.

Are You A Skilled Welder?

What’s your welding specialty? Stick welding? Gas metal arc? Electroslag? Or maybe something a little more exotic like electron beam? We’re hiring welders with experience in a variety of welding techniques. Please visit the Insight Global job board to see where we’re looking for welders.

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Review hand-picked candidates

A few days after your consultation, your hiring partner will get back to you with a curated & screened list of welders for you to review.