Women's Leadership Council

Our Women’s Leadership Council tackles real problems.

Women’s Leadership Council

Raise your voice panel

At Insight Global, we know the strength and wisdom that women bring to the table. That’s why we are dedicated to advancing women in the workplace and why women hold more than 60% of the leadership roles at our company.

Knowing there is still work to be done, we created “The WLC” to put a strategic focus on advancing and retaining women in leadership.
Founded in 2018, the WLC is comprised of six regional divisional councils and is governed by an executive council, all run by senior female leaders. The WLC also provides mentorship and networking opportunities and hosts regular forums throughout the year. The WLC is a platform for the Shared Values of Insight Global to be realized through the unique lens of women.

Founding Members of the WLC

  • Bretlyn Morales
  • Brindy Pickett
  • Courtney Luther
  • Elizabeth Musser
  • Emma Garber
  • Erin Tanzos
  • Giselle Bamberg
  • Jessica Calzaretta
  • Katie Archer
  • Kristen Brown
  • Kristin Millard
  • Lindsay Vignone
  • Linzee Miller
  • Natalie Brooks
  • Nicole Simpson
  • Rachel Dowling
  • Stephanie Wisman
  • Sue Boyle

Women’s Week

Celebrating our women
with Women’s Week

womens week
Celebrating and recognizing our people is a core component of our culture. Every year during Women’s Week in March, we highlight women across all facets of our business: our internal team, clients, and consultants. Women’s Week is an opportunity to share resources, host forums and special events, and honor the accomplishments of women among our far-reaching networks.
This special week is packed with education and empowerment for women and in all of our employees’ lives. It is a time for our company to come together in celebration of all the women across our organization who have trail-blazed, inspired, and led others to greatness.
Women's Leadership Group

Keeping it real with the
Real Talk Series

Women's Council Speech
We all know too well the stresses and pressures brought on by COVID-19. The members of the WLC decided they needed to do their part to provide a platform for women to discuss the challenges they were facing during and after the pandemic.
Recognizing the tidal wave of emotions, doubts, fears, and insecurities, the WLC addressed them head on. So what was their message out to our people? You are not alone. Through the Real Talk Series, each of the speakers explained that we were all learning to navigate our way through this new normal and that we could talk about it openly – no judgment. The Real Talk Series provide a safe, relaxed, virtual forum to open up, share your feelings, and get some advice.
The WLC hosted segments covering a broad spectrum of topics:

  • Coping with Anxiety
  • Finding Your Leadership Voice
  • Finding Your New 100% WFH Edition
  • How to Advocate for Yourself
  • The Keys to Buying a Home
  • Motherhood and Finding the Right Balance
  • Supporting and Celebrating Past, Present and Future Moms
  • Infertility and Infant Loss Awareness

As time has gone on and we’ve made our way through a pandemic and slowly back into offices and social spaces, the Real Talk Series has continued and expanded not only the topics of discussion but also the partnerships and audiences. In 2021, the WLC partnered with the Benefits and Wellness teams to launch “Men’s Real Talk” which opened up the Series to the entire companies along with any significant others that may have the chance to benefit from the open conversation.
The Series covered the below topics

  • Pressure, Confidence & Vulnerability
  • Fatherhood
  • Anxiety