The 9 Most Popular Contract Jobs in Today’s Market

Companies sometimes hire contract workers to complete specific jobs or temporary projects. Unlike permanent, full-time employees, these workers only stay in the role until the contract is complete, though they can be extended or renewed. These types of hires prove beneficial for both employers and employees. But what industries utilize these common contract jobs? What are their benefits? And what are some of the most popular contract jobs today?

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What Is Contract Work?

As mentioned, contract workers are hired for a season or a designated amount of time at a set amount of money to perform a specific job. Depending on many factors, these jobs may last anywhere from 3 months to a full year. Additionally, that contract may last longer if the company wishes.

Companies decide to hire contract workers for many reasons. That may include:

  • Improving business and increasing revenue
  • Filling a short-term hiring need
  • Completing high-priority tasks without hiring a full-time staff
  • Utilizing and sourcing outside skills that aren’t available internally
  • Experimenting with temporary workers to see how they work well with an in-house team

Contract work is most effective when a company requires refined skills to accomplish a niche task. That may include a small local shop contracting a social media specialist to launch new social media accounts or contracting an accountant during tax season. Companies define the specific task or project, what they’ll pay, and how long the contract will last.

Relationships between contractors and businesses are temporary, ending once the contract is up. There are many differences between permanent full-time employees and contract workers. Thankfully, contracts provide many benefits for both the candidate and the company.

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What Are the Benefits of Taking on a Contract Job?

Companies have worked with contract workers for years, and several industries regularly use temporary or seasonal employees. However, more freelancers, parents, and other individuals are pursuing contract work for the benefits it can offer. Here are 5 top benefits of taking on a contract job for temporary employees.

  • The Opportunity to Work for Multiple Companies Simultaneously. Work-for-hire staffers may take on contract work because it allows them to work for multiple companies simultaneously. Doing so can diversify portfolios, improve skills, and offer experience in different industries.
  • Ability to Work a Flexible Schedule. Along with diversifying their portfolios, individuals seek contract work for schedule flexibility. While permanent employees typically follow a strict schedule, contract workers can sometimes establish their own hours, schedule, and availability.
  • Flexibility in the Type of Work You Take On. In addition to flexible schedules, contracts offer people  power over the type of work they want. That means saying no to jobs or projects they don’t want to do and feeling empowered to take on projects that align more with their passions.
  • Opportunities to Learn New Skills. Taking on a new contract every year or even every three months offers unlimited opportunities to learn new skills. From one company or industry to the next, contract workers will learn more about the industry and develop new qualifications, making them more desirable for the next job.
  • Maintain Work-Life Balance. Lastly, contract work can help some people improve their work-life balance. Thanks to flexible scheduling and the opportunity to accept or reject work as needed, many contract workers enjoy the flexibility to live their lives while working toward their next gig.

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How Can Companies Benefit from Contact Work?

Contract jobs don’t just benefit employees. They also have many benefits for your company.

  • Flexibility. Just as contract workers enjoy flexibility, so do the companies that hire them. Temps, seasonal, or contract employees offer you the flexibility to get extra help without committing to a new, full-time, permanent employee.
  • Reduced Hiring Costs. Along with flexibility comes reduced costs. You may also save by not needing to spend money on paid learning development in many cases.
  • Less Time-Consuming Hiring Process. Hiring a contract employee can be less strenuous than hiring full-time permanent employees. It’s sometimes even less time-consuming because instead of looking for a perfect long-term fit, you’re looking for someone who can deliver the right skills in a short time.
  • Niche Experiences and New Perspectives. Speaking of skills, another benefit of hiring contract employees is that it offers your company new perspectives and niche skills. Especially when taking on a new temporary project, this is critical. Outsourcing allows access to qualifications you don’t currently have in-house, which can completely change the landscape of your company’s work.
  • Complete Growth and Development Projects. Along with new perspectives, contractors also help companies grow. By taking on growth and development projects, which often require outside skills, you can diversify your company’s business portfolio and maybe even expand across a brand-new industry.

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Popular Contract Jobs in Today’s Market

Contract work is available across several spaces, including the healthcare, IT, and creative industries. Here are some of the most common contract jobs in today’s market.

1. Bookkeepers

A bookkeeper is responsible for tracking and updating a business’s financial transactions. New companies may contract bookkeepers as they get on their feet or during tax season to help file taxes.

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants work remotely and provide administrative services on a contract. As contractors, virtual assistants can work part-time with more than one company and gain further experience to help them obtain a higher level within their administrative careers.

3. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist can work in the healthcare, legal, and finance industries, to name a few. Transcribing requires people to listen to audio files and type what they hear. Transcriptionists often work temporarily to transcribe documents for many reasons, including to make records accessible or to increase productivity.

4. Copywriter

Companies looking to expand their online presence with a blog may contract copywriters to help them create their content. Some companies hire contract writers long-term, while others may employ them for short-term content creation projects.

5. Editor or Proofreader

Similar to writers, contract editors or proofreaders review documents to find and eliminate errors. In addition to fixing grammatical errors, editors and proofreaders improve the overall quality of written content.

6. Social Media Marketer

Social media has become the new standard for marketing your business online, and a social media marketer can help drive business. These professionals oversee the online presence of their clients. Contracting a social media marketer can help your business increase social media engagement. That includes start-ups or small mom-and-pop shops struggling to gain a social media presence.

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use visual art to communicate ideas. That includes designing layouts, creating type, and arranging other content in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way. Graphic designers work in many industries, helping them develop new business concepts that satisfy the target audience and client.

8. Mobile App Developers

Many developers today work contractually, including mobile app developers. These contractors work with stakeholders and development teams to design mobile applications for their clients. That includes improving current apps or creating them from scratch.

9. Project Managers

Anytime a company takes on a new business venture and needs to see the project through, they’ll need a project manager. Project managers lead teams, work with stakeholders, adhere to compliance, follow budgets, and see projects through to completion.

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