What is a Traffic Coordinator? Job Description, Pay, and More

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What is a traffic coordinator? What do they do? How can this position benefit your company?

Whether you’re interested in hiring a traffic coordinator or becoming one, this blog post will help. Keep reading to learn:

  • typical duties and responsibilities
  • the skills and qualifications required for this position
  • a sample traffic coordinator job description

Plus find out if your business should hire a traffic coordinator!

What is a Traffic Coordinator?

A traffic coordinator is a professional who manages the flow of materials and information within a company. They work with a variety of departments, including marketing, advertising, and production, to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. They are essential members of any team that relies on the timely delivery of materials or resources.

What is the Average Pay for a Traffic Coordinator?

How much money a traffic coordinator earns depends on their experience and the specific industry. According to Zippia, the average annual pay for this position is $40,092, and the typical range is $29,000 to $54,000.

What Does a Traffic Coordinator Do?

A company’s traffic coordinator is responsible for the coordination and management of the flow of goods, information, or people through an organization. They play a vital role in ensuring that the company’s branding and messaging are consistent across all channels.

Primary responsibilities of a traffic coordinator can include:

  • Planning and scheduling: Traffic coordinators are responsible for developing and maintaining project schedules. They work with stakeholders to identify deadlines and milestones, and then they create a plan to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.
  • Tracking and reporting: Traffic coordinators track the progress of projects and report on their status to stakeholders. They use project management software to keep track of tasks, deadlines, and costs.
  • Communicating with stakeholders: Traffic coordinators are responsible for communicating with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. They keep stakeholders informed of the project’s progress and address any concerns or questions that arise.
  • Solving problems: Traffic coordinators are often called upon to solve problems that come up during the course of a project. They use their problem-solving skills to identify and implement solutions that will keep the project on track.

What Skills Does a Traffic Coordinator Need to Have?

Traffic coordinators typically need a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, information systems, or a related field. They may also have experience in a customer service role. Some companies may require a certification in project management or Information Technology (IT).

Traffic coordinators need to have strong organizational skills. They must also be good at problem-solving and have a detail-oriented approach to their work. Knowledge of project management software is beneficial and helps when you’re the chief project coordinator.

Excellent communication skills are also important, as these employees will often need to communicate with people from various departments.

When to Hire a Traffic Coordinator

Does your business need to hire a traffic coordinator? Your company might benefit from hiring this position if:

  • Multiple departments need better cross-communication
  • You’re looking to improve business efficiency
  • Internal processes and workflows need an overhaul
  • Teams are struggling to handle multiple competing deadlines

If your business is experiencing any of these challenges, a traffic coordinator can help.

Traffic Coordinator Job Description

Here is a sample traffic coordinator job description.

The Traffic Coordinator is responsible for the timely and efficient flow of information and materials through the marketing department. This includes planning and scheduling projects, tracking and reporting on progress, managing email distribution lists, keeping track of inventory, and communicating with stakeholders. The successful candidate must have strong organizational and communication skills, as well as experience with project management software.

Traffic Coordinator Interview Questions

Once you’ve decided to hire a traffic coordinator, you need to interview candidates. Here are a few interview questions to assess their qualifications:

  • What experience do you have working with computers and traffic management software?
  • What would you do if an emergency occurred?
  • How well do you handle stress?
  • How well do you manage projects?
  • What is your experience in handling customer service inquiries?
  • How well do you coordinate with others?
  • What is your experience in handling disputes?
  • What is your education and experience in business?
  • Have you ever failed to meet a deadline?
  • What qualities do you think are important in a traffic coordinator?
  • How well do you work with a team?
  • Do you have experience working in a fast-paced environment?

You can also ask them some general strategic interview questions.

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