9 Jobs in Charlotte That Should Be on Your Hiring Radar (Hiring Now!)

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Hiring in Charlotte, North Carolina? As a leading staffing and recruiting agency in Charlotte, Insight Global helps hiring managers screen, interview, and hire outstanding talent to grow their businesses.

Here are some of nine of hottest industries in Charlotte, all growing right now at businesses of all sizes.

Major Industries in Charlotte, NC

Some of the largest industries in Charlotte include:

  • Finance and banking: As the second-largest finance center in the United States, Charlotte is home to some of the largest banks and finance businesses in the world. FUN FACT: Half of all job applications we screened in the Charlotte area the last 3 months were for jobs at financial institutions.
  • Healthcare: two of the Carolinas’ biggest hospitals are either based in Charlotte or have a largest presence in the area.
  • Information technology (IT): Many Fortune 500 companies have headquarters or offices in Charlotte. IT talent is needed at all of them. (As the second-largest IT staffing firm in the country, Insight Global helps place IT talent many Fortune 500 companies.)
  • Retail: Charlotte and the metro area has seen growth as a retail hub for established businesses who started in the city and other companies setting up distribution centers around the city.

Other popular industries in Charlotte include telecommunications, manufacturing, and hospitality—and Insight Global has expertise filling roles for them all.

Here are some of the most common positions we staff for that you can have us source candidates for (or apply for) today:

  • Project Manager
  • Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • UX Designer
  • Technical Writer
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Medical Assistant

1. Project Manager (All Industries)

Project managers are responsible for ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and according to the specified scope and requirements. They play an essential role in almost every industry and help with allocating resources, managing risks, communicating with stakeholders, and maintaining project schedules.

Project managers are needed across all industries in Charlotte, from finance and banking to transportation to manufacturing.

2. Developer

The demand for software developers is growing rapidly, and Charlotte is no exception.

A developer transforms ideas and user needs into functional software solutions by designing, creating, and maintaining applications or systems. You can find roles in front-end, back-end, and full-stack, mobile, DevOps—there’s no shortage of development positions in Charlotte.

All experience levels of developers are needed in Charlotte, too, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies who are based in or have offices in the area.

3. Data Analyst

Big data provides companies with a wealth of information to draw valuable insights from, but they can’t do it themselves. They need skilled data analysts to do it for them.

A data analyst collects, organizes, interprets, and presents data to leaders within an organization so they can make informed decisions about their business. If you have strong analytical skills, a knack for interpreting complex data sets, and maybe have a certification or two, consider applying to a job as a data analyst in Charlotte.

4. Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing is on the rise for its ability to deliver much-needed computing services over the internet, without the need for on-site infrastructure or hardware.

Do you live in Charlotte and want to pursue this in-demand career? In this role, you’ll be responsible for designing, implementing, and managing cloud infrastructure and services. Familiarity with platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is usually a plus.

5. Business Analyst

Business analysts close the gap between business objectives and IT solutions. They look at business processes, spot areas for improvements, and recommend efficient solutions.

For example, they might lead the implementation of a new software system from a strategy standpoint or spearhead the redesign of an outdated business process. This is a popular role, since every company can benefit from the expertise of a business analyst.

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6. UX Designer

A UX (user experience) designer is tasked with making a digital product or service accessible, easy to use, and enjoyable. On an average day, a UX designer might:

  • Conduct user research to understand audience needs
  • Organize information in intuitive structures
  • Create prototypes and wireframes for visualizing designs
  • Conduct usability testing

If you’re hunting a job as a UX designer, consider joining the many companies in Charlotte that prioritize delivering exceptional user experiences.

7. Technical Writer

Can you communicate complex concepts and information in a simple and concise manner? Technical writers do this every day.

In general, these professionals create documentation, user guides, and instructional manuals to help people understand complex technical products or services. They exist in virtually every industry.

8. Pharmacy Technician

For those interested in healthcare but aren’t interested in becoming a doctor or nurse, a job as a pharmacy technician could be perfect. Pharmacy techs are allied health professionals responsible for processing prescriptions, working with pharmacists to dispense medications, managing inventory, and providing excellent customer service to patients. Charlotte is a great place for this career as a growing healthcare center with two of Carolinas’ largest healthcare systems with strongholds in the city.

Keep in mind that candidates will need to meet certain requirements to get a pharmacy tech job in Charlotte, but there are plenty of programs available in the area.

9. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are needed everywhere. They provide essential support to both patients and other healthcare professionals, and the professional is currently experiencing faster-than-average growth.

Are you interested in applying for a job as a medical assistant in Charlotte? You’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent, but many employers require their candidates to have completed a medical assisting program from a vocational school or community college.

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Hot Jobs in Charlotte

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