8 Must-Have Data Analytics Certifications for 2024

The world is becoming more data-driven by the day, and the demand for skilled data analysts who can analyze and make sense of big data is higher than ever.

As the industry expands, leaders and hiring managers in the data analytics sphere need to know what to look for in their candidates–and what certifications to offer their existing employees to upskill their team’s talent.

Read on to learn the best data analytics certifications, from entry-level to experienced, and how your business can benefit from them!

Best Certifications for Entry-Level Data Analysts

As we already mentioned, the field of data analytics is constantly evolving, with new technologies and techniques emerging every year. Effectively vetting candidates means keeping up with these changes and assessing a candidate’s ability to stay current with these latest developments.

This is especially true for entry-level candidates, since they may have limited work experience or lack an extensive portfolio.

So, if you have an entry-level data analyst role you’re trying to fill, consider looking for the certifications below to help you vet your applicants and confirm their skills!

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This course offered by IBM focuses on foundational knowledge and skills needed to get started in data analytics. The certification explores data science methodology and introduces its users to programming languages such as Python and SQL.

Certified Data Product Manager

This is a great option to look for in beginner candidates, as they’ll be exposed to a “succinct mix of data analyst essentials”. The content for this certification includes SQL basics, data modeling and visualization, and knowledge on product metrics and analytics.


This isn’t a single certification, but rather a “one-stop-shop” for hundreds of courses to get certified in data analytics fundamentals. Even if they’re not a beginner, an applicant with DataCamp on their resume has high success potential.

Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP)

If you’re looking for a candidate with basic (but key) data science knowledge, keep an eye out for this certificate. With a focus on topics like Python and R programming, as well as some statistics and predictive analytics knowledge, it really covers all of the core concepts needed when working with big data.

Data Analytics Certifications for Career Advancement and Upskilling

What certifications should you be looking for in existing candidates, though? And which ones should you consider offering your existing employees, so they stay up to date on the latest tools and technology in data analytics?

Keep these certifications in mind when you’re looking for experienced candidates, but also consider upskilling your existing or entry-level employees with one (or all) of the below.

Cloudera Certified Associate CCA Data Analyst

This is a great option for SQL developers, data analysts, business intelligence specialists, system architects, and database administrators looking to scale their efforts and get an in-depth understanding of big data analytics.

With a focus on business intelligence and predictive analysis, as well as some data science topics like machine learning and clustering, your team could be working at the forefront of this field by the end of 2024.

This is also a great certification to look for in new hires, since it provides evidence of their ability to analyze large datasets and create automated workflows to handle data processing tasks.

Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a powerful suite of business intelligence tools that helps users to connect to different data sources, transform and clean data, and create actionable reports.

With this certification, your employees and candidates demonstrate their ability to use Power BI to connect to various data sources, construct data models, create visualizations, and share their insights with leaders.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert MCSE Data Management and Analytics

Microsoft has an excellent certification track for those looking to understand big data in-depth, but it’s important that you take note of the “MCSE Data Management and Analytics” part. This is because this cert covers topics like Microsoft SQL Server (all versions), business intelligence (such as Power BI), and analytics!

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Similar to the aCAP certification, this one focuses on topics like Python and R programming as well as some statistics and predictive analytics knowledge.

However, it also covers additional topics such as decomposing analytical problems and pattern recognition. So, if you have an advanced data science professional on your team looking for their next step in 2024, consider upskilling them with this certification.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Started

Don’t let your business fall behind—support your team’s development by seeking out the best data analytics certifications. Because with the right skills and knowledge in place, your team can tackle even the most complex data challenges and drive your business to greater heights.

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