How to Make the Most of a College Internship

Intern photo

A college internship is much more than taking coffee orders and filing paperwork. Internships are all about gaining real-world experience and expanding your professional network to help define future career goals. A successful internship teaches skills not learned in the classroom and can makes you feel much more confident to take on life post-graduation. We’ve rounded up top advice from Insight Global employees who were hired from our internship program on how to make the most out of your internship!

Ask as many questions as possible

As an intern, remember you’re coming in with the expectation that you’re here to learn, which means you’re expected not to know everything. Make the most of that expectation by asking plenty of questions. You have a whole team that’s dedicated to helping you grow professionally. The more curious and inquisitive you are in this role, the better you are setting yourself up for success! -Graceann King, Account Manager

Never compare yourself to others

Everyone moved at different paces. The only person you want to be better than is the person you were yesterday. -Haley Manzella, Account Manager

Take advantage of all of your resources given

I highly recommend every intern to shadow as many people in as many different roles as possible. Just because someone is in a different position than you currently are, doesn’t mean that you won’t be interested in a similar role in the future. It’s important to learn about all of the different functions of your industry and profession. This way you will get the best exposure to what working at the company will be like upon accepting a full-time role. -Olivia Musch, Account Manager

Be confident in who you are, and to truly be yourself.

You were brought in for this internship because there was something about you that others did not have. Be authentic to who you are, and you will absolutely thrive. -Madi Phyle, Professional Recruiter

Get involved

Your new co-workers want to get to know you. Don’t miss the chance to socialize with your peers. Expand your social circle beyond interns, too. Ask coworkers to coffee or sit with them at lunch. Attend company-wide social events and mingle. -Tyler J. McDaniel, Account Manager

An internship is more than just another task to check off on your way to a college degree. When you make the most of your internship opportunity, you’re taking the first step toward a meaningful and rewarding career.