A Complete Guide: What is a Job Requisition?

A job requisition is the origin of your next great hire. Whether you need to replace an ex-employee or add new talent, this guide will help you create a clear process so you can make great hires.

Why Do You Want to Work Here? – Tips & Examples on How to Answer

The interview process can be excruciating. There is a lot of preparation involved, tons of stress, and you’re likely to get put on the spot when the time comes.   Finally, you’ll almost always be asked the question “why do you want to work here?”   The answer can be difficult to muster if you haven’t planned

Is Your Business Ready for the “New-Collar” Worker?

Tech roles are even harder to fill due to digital transformation’s demands. Many organizations are hiring a new breed of IT candidate, with proven skills but without a four-year college degree. Getting the payoff requires new HR strategies.

Employee Attrition Rate: How to Calculate & Improve

Employee attrition rate is the measure of employees who have left voluntarily or involuntarily over a period of time. It's typically used as a metric for employee retention and is expressed as a percentage.