Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Staffing Firms

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So, what is a staffing company? To Insight Global, it’s a dedication to empowering people, but it’s not the same for every staffing company. In simpler terms, staffing is about matching qualified candidates to open jobs. Our Account Managers focus on developing partnerships with clients across the country who have needs for employees, and our Recruiters go looking to fill those requisitions with job seekers in the marketplace. While match-making is our expertise, we take pride in going a step further to truly understand what each person needs and desires to have in their career to ensure we’re adding value to their life and their work.

Here are five things we bet you didn’t know about staffing companies:

1. Staffing companies work in virtually every industry. For many years, Insight Global found a niche in staffing IT positions, but we quickly came to realize that we could reach across several different industries to make a bigger impact. No matter what you do, what you want to do or the industry with which you identify, staffing companies can help you find jobs under any umbrella.

The American Staffing Association’s data on candidate industry placement show the following:

·         37% industrial

·         28% clerical/administrative

·         13% professional/managerial

·         13% engineering/IT/scientific

·         9% healthcare

2. Your recruiter is meant to be an advocate, not just a producer. Job seekers who work with staffing companies are not unqualified to find jobs themselves. They just value the opportunity to network, have support in landing the first interviews and have an advocate when it comes to negotiating salaries, PTO, and more. Our Recruiters spend all day talking to job seekers, understanding their needs and taking account of their interests in order to find them jobs they’ll love. Instead of throwing your job application into the abyss of hundreds of other applicants, put your trust in a recruiter who is seeking you out based on your experience and who can help you get to the first interview a bit quicker than waiting for someone to come across your application.

 3. You don’t have to be a temporary contractor in order to work with a staffing company. There are plenty of opportunities outside of those that are temporary contract placements. For instance, at Insight Global, we also help place people in full-time, direct hire jobs, as well as consulting and temporary-to-hire opportunities. But, don’t be too quick to dismiss the temporary contract positions. A temporary contract opportunity can often act as a stepping stone towards a full-time position at a company you otherwise could have struggled getting your foot in the door. Your Recruiter will remain with you throughout your whole assignment to ensure you love what you do, and more importantly, to meet consistently with the client to advocate for you.

4. Recruiters are with you the whole entire journey. At Insight Global, our mission is to be cutting-edge about everything we do, especially in the way we staff. At the end of the day, your experience with your Recruiter should go beyond just the initial efforts to place you in a job. At Insight Global, they are there with you and for you throughout your entire journey. Every six weeks, your Recruiter will have meetings with you to let you know where you stand, be a sounding board for any questions or concerns you have about your assignment and to give you feedback from the client with whom you work. Additionally, at these points in time, the Recruiter will have already met with your onsite manager to talk about your next steps, your potential for conversion to full time and even pay rate negotiations to best position you for continued success.

5. Staffing companies are not just about sales and recruiting. We have teams that span a wide scope to include contracts, payroll, HR, finance, legal, branding, culture development, creative, corporate events, compliance, talent acquisition and so many more. Wherever you want to be and whatever you dream about doing, you’re likely to find it here with people that will support you every step of the way.

The next time you get a call or a message from a Recruiter, hopefully you won’t hesitate to have an initial conversation with them to best understand why they’re reaching out to you and to what opportunities they may have access. A staffing company could be the very key to reaching your next level of success.

If you’re interested in working through a staffing agency, check out Insight Global’s current openings at If you’re interested in becoming an internal Insight Global employee, you can search for jobs and apply online.