Tips for Hiring & Building Company Culture in 2023

Updated May 5, 2023

Whatever your challenge this year, whether it’s in hiring, culture, or something else, Insight Global can help. We picked out some of our favorite posts from the last 12 months touching on all things from a leader’s perspective. Check them out below.

Best Blog Posts for Managers

Over the last year, we’ve shared multiple articles offering advice to hiring managers regarding topics like:

  • Appropriate interview questions
  • DEI in the workplace
  • Job descriptions
  • Workplace culture

These blog posts will help you as hiring season ramps back up in 2023.

Strategic Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates

Interviewing job candidates is probably the most important part of the hiring process. We offer 12 examples of strategic interview questions to ask those you’re considering for a role.

Equity vs. Equality: A DEI Advisor Explains the Difference

Equity and equality are both vital to an organization’s ability to operate and grow. However, they’re not the same thing. Brandon Means, an account manager and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) advisor at Insight Global, explains how they’re different and why both are important.


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Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in American workforce in terms of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, and more. DE&I is at the core of many of Gen Z’s workplace concerns, and many take a company’s DE&I efforts into account when accepting a job somewhere. Andrea Rodriguez, a DE&I advisor at Insight Global, offers insight as to why Gen Z is the most diverse generation in the workplace.

How to Promote DEI Year-Round

DEI is not a corporate buzzword. It’s an intentional, organizational practice of making a workplace more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Just some benefits of an effective DEI plan include better decision-making, increased creativity, improved financial performance, and more fulfillment at work.

Learn how to promote DEI year-round at work.

What is Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting—a new workplace trend—was a hot topic among employers and employees in 2022. It’s generally known as employees completing the duties and responsibilities in their job description and drawing a hard line in the sand with doing more, all in the name of work-life balance. If this is happening in your organization (Gallup says around 50% of the workforce quiet quits), why is it happening? Do your employees know your company purpose? Are you expecting too much of your employees? Are their interests aligning with their job? We discuss what quiet quitting is and how to get ahead of it.

How to Write a Job Description

When trying to get candidates to apply to your job, a solid job description will get you the best quality interviewers. Check out how to write a high-quality job description for roles that you need.

How to Support LBTQIA+ Pride Year-Round

Pride Month occurs every June, but supporting and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community occurs year-round. With insights from members of Insight Global’s LGBTQIA+ employee resource group, we discuss how companies can support this community over 12 months of the year.


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