Insight Global Launches ‘We Make Hiring Easy’ Campaign

Wonder how a staffing company hires people for your job positions? Insight Global’s new We Make Hiring Easy video campaign sets out to detail just that.

In collaboration with The Well media firm and Drew & Sarah Branding, the essence of the campaign is:

We’re a staffing company that focuses on you. We learn about your needs, then we search, screen, and vet dozens of viable candidates. We shortlist and set up interviews until we find the right person for your job. Finding the right people, takes the right people.

“In a world where there’s an increasing amount of self service to find candidates, we have something strong and personal to offer,” said Gareth Morgan, vice president of Digital Channels and Marketing at Insight Global.

“We are around to help hiring managers in a time of need,” he continued. “We’re a people-first company, and we have more than 3,000 recruiters and account managers in 65-plus offices in North America rearing to help people find talent so they can do what they do best.”

Check out the video campaign below.

We Make Hiring Easy

What You Need and What You Get