INFOGRAPHIC: The Best Candidate Sourcing Tools (Backed by Data)

How often have you uploaded a job description to a job board, anticipating a pool of highly qualified candidates to assess, only to end up with one or two suitable resumes at best? It’s the plight of passive candidate sourcing tools, and unfortunately, many hiring managers and HR professionals depend on it as an integral part of their recruiting strategy.

Text: Sourcing candidates is one of hiring's biggest challenges. 76% of hiring managers admit that attracting the right candidates is their greatest challenge. 1/3 of a talent acquisition specialist’s week is spent sourcing for a single role. Let’s dig into the numbers to break it all down.

Luckily, there are plenty of proactive sourcing methods that hiring experts can adopt to intentionally attract top talent. You just need the right candidate sourcing tools. Let’s review:

Employee referrals have a high success rate

An employee referral is a recruitment method used by companies to find job candidates through recommendations from their existing employees.

Business everywhere agree that employee referrals are some of their best hires. Surveys show that an effective referral program can increase job offer acceptance rates, improve retention, and so much more. Think of it like this: employees are more likely to recommend people they know are a good fit for the company and the role, are open to new job opportunities, work well with others, and have the necessary experience. Plus, some referral programs offer monetary incentives, which can further motivate employees to refer qualified candidates.

So, consider employee referrals today if you want to:

  • Get access to skilled, semi-vetted candidates
  • Enhance your team dynamics
  • Save time and money

The Employee Referral Advantage. 88% of employers say referrals are the source of their top applicants. 70% of companies say referrals have the strongest culture fit. When businesses leverage word of mouth in the hiring process, they save up to 31% of the average time to hire. Average savings when companies use employee referrals: $1,000. Source: LinkedIn, Zippia


Don’t overlook the power of social media

Social media can an equally effective candidate sourcing tool with enough time and the right resources.

On LinkedIn, for example, you can intentionally target candidates with the right experience, skills, or certifications you’re looking for. Not to mention it can be used to build authentic relationships with potential candidates. People are more likely to be receptive to a job opportunity if it feels like a natural conversation rather than a cold outreach. To make an authentic connection, start by following and engaging with potential candidates on social media. Then, you can reach out directly to introduce yourself and discuss the job opportunity.

Text: How Can Social Media Help Sourcing Candidates? 56% recruiters said they find their best candidates through social media. 71% hiring managers agree that social media is an effective tool to find employees. 80% said that social recruiting helps them find passive candidates. 79% active job seekers using social media platforms to search for career changes Source: LinkedIn, Zippia

Consider a staffing agency to access top talent fast

Sometimes, sourcing the right candidates is difficult, regardless of the method you use. This is especially true for senior, executive, and other tough-to-fill positions. That’s why over half of hiring managers have plans to increase their use of staffing agencies.

A staffing agency may be your ultimate solution. 54% of hiring managers plan to expand their use of staffing agencies as their primary candidate sourcing solution. When asked why, here’s what they said: 1. Save time and money 2. Access to a wider talent pool 3. Get customized candidate matching 4. Help with onboarding and training Source: LinkedIn, Career Builder

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With the global talent shortage is here to stay, the competition for top candidates is fierce. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, now is the time to rethink your candidate sourcing tools and strategies if you haven’t already. But we get that it’s easier said than done.

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