The Art of the “Thank You” Letter

Insight Global CEO, Bert Bean, sits down to write letters to employees who have recently celebrated a promotion.
Insight Global CEO, Bert Bean, sits down to write letters to employees who have recently celebrated a promotion.

When is the last time you received a thank you note? How did it make you feel? Thank you notes are pretty important at Insight Global. In fact, our CEO, Bert Bean, makes a point to personally send every single internal employee a thank you note of encouragement and celebration every time they are promoted. It’s so important to him that he strings brightly colored paper link chains throughout his office during the year and breaks each piece off one by one to track every promotion and hand write a note to personally send to his employees.

Other than making employees or team members feel appreciated, writing a thank you note can seriously set you apart from the crowd. Sending thank you notes after an interview used to be common practice and some may think it’s a little old school, but the reality is that this little gesture can weigh heavily in your favor. So why are these little letters so important? Great question. Bert inspired us to fill you in on 5 reasons we think writing a thank you letter will help you stand out after interviewing with an employer.

It Shows You’re Grateful

Sure, saying “thank you for taking the time to speak with me” is a good gesture to wrap up the interview, but sending a simple thank you letter via email or snail mail after the interview shows that you really do appreciate their time. So much, in fact, that you wrote them a letter just to thank them again for cutting into their schedule to give you the chance at getting hired. Showing gratitude is timeless.

It Shows Your Level of Interest

Employers want to hire someone who is excited about working for them right? Well, when you go above and beyond, it confirms that you want the job, which sets you apart. The most important commodity people have is their time. When you show appreciation to those who gave up their time for you, it goes a long way.

It Helps You Be Remembered

It’s easy to get overlooked when there are qualified applicants coming from every which way. Okay, so how do you stand out amongst the crowd? You guessed it. Send a thank you letter to each individual person that you interviewed with. Sara Swanson, Manager of Culture & Branding states, “I interviewed a college student on campus, and she gave me a thank you note immediately after the interview, which I loved, but It also included a pack of instant coffee that said enjoy a cup on me. I will never forget that and it’s the small details like that will have a lasting impression on your interviewer.”

It Establishes Your Attention to Detail and Professionalism

They say it’s the little things that matter most, attention to detail and professionalism are showcased the second you seal that envelope or press send. A thank you letter reveals your ability to write in a sophisticated manner, which is extremely crucial in today’s day and age. It will honestly put them at ease knowing you can be trusted with a keyboard. But remember, forgetting to dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s” may have an adverse effect on your recipient. Remember to double check for spelling, punctuation, or simple mistakes before sending!

It Can Grow Your Personal Connection

A thank-you letter can help grow your relationship on a personal level. Insight Global Sales Manager, Mallory Church said, “When I receive a letter after the interview it shows me their initiative, character and ability to connect with me not only professionally, but personally as well.”

Thank you letters are an opportunity to express gratitude like Bert taught us, as well as a chance to showcase professionalism, interest, and character. It gives the employer a chance to see how you might interact with an important client or how you are able to leave a lasting impression on a customer. It’s your last chance to make your personal brand memorable and relevant to your interviewer’s hiring needs.

Looking for your next interview? Whether you’re looking for a new career or your next assignment, take a look at some open positions with our job board to find the perfect opportunity for you. And don’t forget to leave a thank you note!