How to Beat Hiring Burnout: A Guide for Hiring Managers

Recruiting is an exciting process, but it can also be a time-consuming, high-pressure job. Hiring managers are tasked with finding outstanding candidates to fill open positions while navigating a complex labor market and competing for top talent. Without proper support, hiring burnout could take hold.

Evolving technologies, like pre-recorded video interviews, can streamline the process, but it can also result in piles of content to sort through. Candidates themselves are experiencing job hunt burnout, which can make it harder for hiring managers to see past their discouragement to identify top candidates.

Here are a few causes of hiring burnout and some resources to help affected hiring managers recover!

SURVEY: Majority of Unemployed Americans Are Burned Out by Job Hunt

Causes of Hiring Burnout

Up to 42 percent of the global workforce reports feeling burned out at some point, so hiring managers are not alone. Still, there are some unique causes that can contribute to hiring manager burnout. Let’s review:

A High Volume of Work

Hiring managers are responsible for all aspects of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to conducting interviews to making hiring decisions. This can be a lot to manage, especially when there is a high demand for new hires or high turnover or if they also manage a team or oversee projects.

Long Hours

Hiring managers often work long hours, especially when trying to fill a critical position. Over time, this can contribute to fatigue and burnout.

Pressure to Hire Quickly

When critical personnel leave unexpectedly or a company grows rapidly, hiring managers may feel pressure to hire quickly. At the same time, if they rush the process and bring in a team member who is not qualified or does not mesh well with the corporate culture, there could be negative impacts on the company and team.

Difficult or Burned-Out Candidates

Candidates may be busy, burned out, overwhelmed, unresponsive, or juggling multiple offers.

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7 Resources to Help Hiring Managers Avoid Burnout

For hiring managers who love what they do and want to stay engaged, here are a few ways to increase work-life balance and avoid hiring burnout.

1. Make Time for Your Health and Hobbies

It’s easy to be tethered to your phone and “on” at all times, but sustaining the focus and intensity the job requires means prioritizing work-life balance. Nutritious food, exercise, and time with your friends and family must be part of your regular schedule.

Identify which activities are must-haves for your well-being and add them to your calendar. You might be tempted to skip them when you get busy, but dedicating time to your physical and mental health will keep you energized and sharp.

Other work-life balance tips include taking quick breaks to refresh during the day, turning off your devices during off hours, and scheduling blocks of time with no meetings.

For companies looking to support their hiring managers better, make sure you’re offering enough PTO and encourage your team to take it.

2. Work with Managers to Identify Top Priorities

When a department is short-staffed and trying to meet deadlines, every hiring need feels like a priority. However, when everything is an emergency, overall efficiency suffers.

Meet with supervisors and managers. Let them know a realistic delivery timeline for their new personnel, especially in the case of hard-to-fill roles. Work with them to identify which positions are a top priority so you can effectively focus your efforts.

3. Leverage Talent Acquisition Technology

Now is the time to start if you’re not leveraging automated tools and solutions to minimize mundane and repetitive tasks. Talent acquisition software can help manage job postings, screen resumes, and communicate with candidates.

You are best utilized for connecting with and vetting candidates. Tasks that pull you away from your core responsibilities diffuse your impact.

4. Analyze Your Process

When you’re already swamped, taking a step back to collect and analyze data can seem overwhelming, but a little effort there can save you a lot of time. Simple things like A/B testing email subject lines or identifying and clearing bottlenecks can transform and simplify your daily tasks.

Two of the top reasons candidates drop out during the recruitment process are:

  • They felt their time was disrespected during interviews or appointments.
  • The hiring process took too long.

Streamlining your process makes your life easier and reduces the gaps and friction resulting in lost candidates.

5. Continue Your Professional Development

The hiring process can be repetitive, leading to a feeling of stagnation. Continuing your professional development helps you create a feeling of progression and growth.

You can study persuasion, improve your outreach techniques, or earn certifications. You can expand the scope of the roles you work on or brush up on the terminology for your industry. You can find engaging blogs, podcasts, or industry publications to keep you up-to-date.

6. Develop Your Professional Network

Likely, you network consistently to build your candidate pipeline and find passive job seekers, but you may not have a strong network of fellow recruitment professionals.

Friends and colleagues who understand what you face day-to-day helps insulate against hiring burnout. They share your frustrations and may have innovative solutions to make your life easier.

You can network with other hiring managers at in-person events or through recruitment-based groups on LinkedIn.

7. Remember to Recharge

As a hiring manager, your mission is critical to your company’s success. The people you hire can drive innovation, enhance teamwork, and fortify stability or erode morale and engage chaos. When you are recharged and supported, the organization as a whole benefits.

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