Hiring an AI Engineer: Job Description, Pay, and More

Artificial intelligence (AI) engineers don’t just work for technology companies. The application of AI spans all industries, enhancing productivity, profitability, and efficiency. As a result, companies everywhere are actively seeking to hire talented AI engineers—perhaps like you.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to hire an AI engineer, outlining essential skills and job requirements for a comprehensive job listing. We’ll also discuss the job outlook and provide insightful interview question ideas for your next AI engineer interview.

Let’s get started.

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What to Include in Your AI Engineer Job Description

To find the ideal hire for your team, the first step is to create a job listing that will attract qualified candidates. Be sure to include all the skills and experience needed for an AI engineer to succeed in your company.

The specific details you should include in the job description depend on your purpose for hiring an AI engineer. If you want the engineer to help you optimize processes, you may want a candidate with more programming experience.

Companies looking for an engineer to create a chatbot may want to focus on candidates specializing in language models.

Examples of job duties to list in your description include:

  • Designing and optimizing AI and/or machine learning models
  • Communicating with team members and leadership on the progress of AI development
  • Analyzing the effectiveness and accuracy of algorithms
  • Developing automated solutions for managing data
  • Researching effective methods for solving problems with artificial intelligence
  • Troubleshooting AI models for errors

Top AI Engineer Skills

When learning how to hire an AI engineer, the skills section of your job listing is another important element to consider. This section helps filter out under qualified candidates and also gives applicants a better sense of the nature of the position. Skills to put on an AI engineer job listing include:

  • Communication
  • Knowledge of machine learning and deep learning
  • Neural language processing (NLP)
  • Statistics and probability
  • Programming
  • Data analysis
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Cloud computing
  • Research skills
  • Detail orientation

AI Engineer Education and Qualifications

Required qualifications will vary depending on the role of the AI engineer at a company. Some businesses require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or a related field.

In addition to or substitute of a degree requirement, you might list a combination of experience and certification programs.

  • Other experience requirements to list in your job description include:
  • Specific programming languages (Python, Java, Lisp, etc.)
  • Knowledge of framework programs like TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • Experience developing software for businesses in your industry

AI Engineer Pay

The average annual salary for AI engineers in the United States is $126,994, according to data from Glassdoor. More experienced or qualified engineers may earn more.

Interview Questions to Hire an AI Engineer

Once your job listing has attracted some qualified applicants, it’s time to move to the interview stage! Below are some example interview questions you can ask to gauge a candidate’s fit for the role.

  1. Describe your previous experience with AI-related projects.
  2. What are some machine learning models you’ve worked on?
  3. Describe challenges you’ve faced on an AI project and how you overcame them.
  4. How would you explain a complex AI concept to someone who didn’t specialize in AI?
  5. How do you manage more than one project at once?
  6. What programming languages do you have experience with?
  7. How do you handle conflicts within a team dynamic?
  8. Describe a time you had to work with an interdisciplinary team on an AI project.

How to Hire an AI Engineer

With AI software coming out of its infancy, more companies are looking to hire AI engineers. Are you one of them?

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