15+ AI Engineer Interview Questions

Following the release of ChatGPT and other similar software in 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a significant growth market, and jobs in this area are surging higher than ever.

Are you looking to capitalize on the newest technology trend with adept AI engineers? In this article, we’ll look at the top AI engineer interview questions to ask to find the perfect hire. We’ll also explore the skills a qualified AI engineer should have.

Let’s get started.

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What Skills Should an AI Engineer Have?

AI engineers are responsible for programming, training, and testing the algorithms that power artificial intelligence. Examples of AI engineering roles include:

  • Developing algorithms to solve specific problems
  • Working with leadership and developers
  • Designing, programming, and troubleshooting machine learning models
  • Programming website chatbots to answer questions
  • Improving algorithms to better emulate human thinking
  • Supplying machine learning models with data to analyze and learn from
  • AI engineers are specialized software developers and typically hold some kind of certification from an established technology company or institution.

While a college degree isn’t required for many AI engineering roles, applicants should have verifiable expertise and experience.

To be a successful hire, an AI engineering candidate should have the following skills:

  • Math and statistics: AI models use vast amounts of data. The engineers who develop and train them must be able to make calculations using formulas and statistics.
  • Programming languages: To create new programs from start to finish, AI engineers should be familiar with various coding languages. Python and Java are common languages used for AI development. SQL is a programming language for data management, which can also be useful.
  • Communication: AI engineers often work with a team. Many of their coworkers won’t be AI experts, so engineers have to be able to explain their work in ways that are easy to understand.
  • Detail orientation: One small error in an algorithm can cause issues for the entire AI model. AI engineers need to be able to catch and correct inconsistencies and errors in software.

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Top AI Engineer Interview Questions

While it’s important to verify a candidate’s technical skills, one of the purposes of interviewing is to identify red flags that may indicate a poor fit for the position or organization.

You should get a feel for the candidate’s cultural fit with some general and team-oriented questions. Then, you can find out about their experience and skills with behavioral and technical questions.

General Interview Questions

  1. What was your motivation for pursuing a career in AI engineering?
  2. Describe your previous experience with AI-related projects.
  3. What’s the most unique AI model or project you’ve come across recently, and what did you find interesting about it?
  4. How do you stay up to date on the latest trends and technology in AI?
  5. How would you describe the role of AI in the world today?
  6. What is your strategy for keeping up with multiple projects?
  7. What is your favorite aspect of AI engineering?

AI Engineer Interview Questions About Team Dynamics

  1. Give an example of a time you collaborated with an interdisciplinary team on an AI project.
  2. Tell me about a time when you had to prioritize team goals over your individual preferences or ideas.

Behavioral AI Engineer Interview Questions

  1. What’s the most unique AI model or project you’ve come across recently, and what did you find interesting about it?
  2. Describe a challenging project—AI or otherwise—you’ve worked on. What challenges did you run into, and how did you overcome them?
  3. How do you handle tight deadlines and high-pressure projects?
  4. Describe a time you had to describe complex AI concepts to a non-technical coworker or client. How did you approach it?

Technical AI Engineer Interview Questions

  1. What programming languages are you experienced with?
  2. Explain the role of neural networks in AI.
  3. How have you implemented Natural Language Processing (NLP) in previous projects?
  4. Describe the difference between supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.
  5. Which of these algorithm types have you worked with?
  6. How do you test algorithms to determine if they’re complete?

Start the Search for AI Engineers with a Successful Interview

AI is a rapidly evolving industry. It’s important to hire experienced and skilled AI engineers who can work with a team. Use these AI engineer interview questions as a starting point to find the most qualified candidates for your business!

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