3 Reasons to Hire a Programmer or Developer with a Staffing Agency

Finding, hiring, and retaining employees efficiently has consistently been one of the top pain points for hiring managers over the last three years. This is especially true when it comes to hiring programmers and software developers. These roles have been increasing in demand as the internet, cloud technologies, and overall digitization continue to expand across all industries. A staffing agency can help ease some of the struggles of hiring a programmer and/or software developer.

Here are three ways how a staffing company can help in the hiring process:

Access to Large Pools of Candidates Across All Industries

Staffing companies have a massive database of candidates—both those who are ready to work and those who are currently placed at other companies.

At Insight Global, if we know a consultant’s contract is ending without an offer for a permanent job, then we’re looking to place them in another role once their contract ends. On top of that, we have a large pool of candidates whose contracts recently ended, are re-entering the workforce, or simply are just looking for work.

Not only do staffing companies have large candidate pools, those candidate pools have experience across all industries. Developers and programmers aren’t only needed in the tech industry. They’re needed in oil & gas, healthcare, construction, government services, and basically any other sector of the economy you can think of. Staffing companies like Insight Global have experience hiring programmers and developers into all industries.

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Specialized at Hiring Software Developers

Staffing companies are experts at exactly that: staffing and hiring. They know the process of sourcing and vetting candidates, conducting interviews, and helping them get onboarded. Good staffing firms will make sure that the consultants they place feel good in their new role and that hiring managers are satisfied with the work they’re getting.

This expertise with hiring makes for a better experience overall for both the candidate and hiring manager. Candidates have a dedicated resource whose only goal is to get them employed, and hiring managers can have many of the painful steps—looking at resumes, setting up interviews, and more—alleviated by a staffing company. In the end, this should end up making for a better pairing between candidate and company, as staffing firms will help match quality candidates with the needs of the business.

As the second-largest IT staffing firm in the United States, Insight Global placed thousands of software developers and programmers—from entry-level to senior positions—in 2022 alone. We know how to work with companies to fill a seat, especially with these roles.

Flexibility with Types of Employment

Software developers and programmers aren’t always needed in perpetuity. Sometimes a single developer is needed for six or 12 months. Sometimes you need dozens of developers and programmers for a project that will take a year. Or sometimes you’re just looking for a single experienced programmer who will grow within your company. Staffing firms like Insight Global are experienced with flexible hiring needs.

On top of this, staffing firms know that every company has a different budget to fill their needs. Not all software developers and programmers make the same amount of money in every market. Staffing firms can work within a company’s budget to find a candidate who fits their needs.

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