Employee Network Resource Groups

ENRG Intro


Our Employee Network Resource Groups (ENRG)s are voluntary employee-led groups whose aim is to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. These groups are led and participated in by employees according to shared identities and exist to create a safe space for our people to be their whole selves, as well as aid in personal and professional growth.

La Familia

La Familia embraces IG’s Shared Values to create a space where Latin employees feel accepted. They’re committed to growing their members, and welcome employees from all backgrounds.

la familia


Advocates of the Disabled and Abled Progressing Together (ADAPT)’s purpose is to learn from those with disabilities (visible and invisible), educate others about disabilities, provide a safe space for people to talk about their individual needs, and to work towards an accessible future.


VetNet is a group dedicated to bringing the veteran community together at Insight Global. The goal of this group is to make IG an ideal place for veterans and their families to work and search for opportunities. Learn more about how Insight Global supports veterans.



The South Asian and Middle Eastern (SAME) group is a diverse community founded on celebrating the many shared connections across their cultures.



JCN (Jewish Community Network) is a Jewish community group at IG that offers regular collaboration and communication for its members.


Pride is a community and safe space for IG’s LGBT+ employees and allies. Their purpose is to provide empowerment, acceptance, and love.



APAC is a community for Asian-interest employees to connect. They welcome anyone with 0% to 100% Asian heritage, and their members have diverse backgrounds occupying a variety of roles within IG.



The Black Employee Experience (BEE) group is dedicated to creating a safe space for IG’s Black employees. BEE is a place where they can be their most authentic selves.