College To Career Series

Are you feeling nervous about your transition from college to your first career? You’re not alone.

Whether you’re stuck wondering what you want to do after college or don’t know where to start, this series is for you. Throughout these videos, you will hear from different leaders at IG dive deep into what we believe will prepare you for your transition from college to your first career, or even the transition from one career to the next.

The transition from college to your first career is not easy, but we believe that if you can implement any of the tips and tricks discussed in each of the videos, you’ll be fully prepared to land that dream job or internship.

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How to Crush a Career Event

How are you preparing for that upcoming career event you’ve been anxiously awaiting? This session is dedicated to making sure you crush your career event. We will be addressing the question you’ve heard a million times: “What do you plan to do when you graduate?” You’ll get to understand the purpose behind attending these events, how to prepare beforehand, what to do during, and how to follow up afterward so you’ll no longer be nervous but excited for your next career event.

Branding Your Professional Skill Set

For this session, take a moment to think to yourself: Are you an avid Instagram-er or TikTok-er? If so, get excited. The purpose of this session is to break down the ins and outs of your professional resume and LinkedIn profile as tools that are going to help you succeed in your college-to-career transition. You will learn how to brand yourself through these platforms, how to break down your experiences in a meaningful way, and how to use them in your upcoming interview or career event.

Perfecting Your Pitch

For this session, we are going to focus on “Perfecting Your Pitch”. It is all about getting to know yourself. This session focuses on building your pitch to use in interviews and at career events where you can distinguish yourself as a candidate. You’ll learn where and when to use your pitch, how to craft it, and how to sell yourself to employers in a professional manner.

This Is Who We Are

The College-to-Career series has been all about priming you for the portfolio-building, occasions, events, and conversations that come with that initial jump from college to your first career. While we are happy to give you all the tools you need to find success in this season of life, we want you to know about who we are and what opportunities are available for you at Insight Global – and there are many. From our culture to our sales opportunities to our available mentorship and training, we’re using this session to show you what a long-term, lucrative career looks like with us. You won’t be disappointed!


For this next session, we dive into how and when to utilize your professional network. Have you ever wondered where to begin in generating your network? Or how to call upon those in your network to help you pursue a job opportunity? If so, this session will benefit you and your mission to make connections and ultimately find that dream job you’ve been seeking.


Have you ever wondered what to wear to different career events? Or how to present yourself at a career fair versus an interview versus a happy hour? If so, this session is for you. As part of our College-to-Career series, we will be diving into the “do’s” and “don’ts” of business etiquette, including how to act, how to use your personal pitch, and how to dress to impress.

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