9 Essential Bank Teller Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Asking the right interview questions when looking for a bank teller is essential, especially because they need to be both customer service- and security-savvy. More specifically, a bank teller needs skills like:

  • Attention to detail
  • Computer literacy
  • Attentive, empathetic customer service
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • The ability to work in a team-based environment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sound judgment when under pressure

You may see many of these skills pop out on an interviewee’s resume. And while that’s always a positive, their answers during an interview may reveal even more about how they think and act.

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9 Interview Questions to Ask Bank Teller Candidates

To make sure your interaction reveals as much about each candidate as possible, here are nine key bank teller interview questions you may want to ask.

1. Can you describe your experience as a bank teller?

Previous experience in the financial sector comes with a treasure chest full of information about a candidate’s skills, enthusiasm, and passion for the role. As the candidate answers, you should observe:

  • The specific roles they took on
  • Their attitude or excitement about the job
  • Anything that indicates a passion for customer service

Sample answer: “Previously, when working for ABC Bank, I managed cash transactions, focusing on providing the kind of customer service that made people want to come back into the bank. I also made sure all transactions were accurately entered and adhered to the bank’s security rules.”

2. What do you do when a customer gets impatient or upset?

This bank teller interview question can reveal how the candidate manages conflict. It also shows whether they’re willing to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Sample answer: “When a customer gets upset or impatient, I believe the best way to de-escalate the situation is to remain calm and acknowledge the validity of their feelings. If I can’t provide an immediate solution, I escalate it to a supervisor who may be able to help them faster.”

3. Tell us about a time when you helped resolve a significant customer problem

Similar to the above question, this can reveal how your bank teller candidate problem-solve with empathy.

Sample answer: “One time, a customer got upset about a fee they were charged that they didn’t realize was being taken out of their account every month. I first listened very carefully to their concern. Then I explained the fee to avoid any future confusion. I also offered them other account options that had lower fees.”

4. How do you maintain the security of customer data?

This question reveals whether the candidate is conscious of compliance policies. It also tells you whether they can work efficiently within the bounds of customer data privacy regulations.

Sample answer: “I always log out of my terminal whenever I step away. I also make sure I maintain good cyber hygiene when it comes to protecting passwords. And I never discuss customer information with people who aren’t authorized to know it.”

Image: Bank worker holding a debit card

5. How do you promote a bank’s products and special offers to customers?

A bank teller needs to be a sales agent as well, and the candidate’s answer to this question tells you how well they may perform in this role. You should look for an answer that shows:

  • They understand the importance of product promotion
  • They understand the value of bank products

Sample answer: “I ask customers about their financial goals and listen carefully. Then I tactfully highlight a bank product that can help them meet their goals. I always make sure to offer them some literature so they have something to think about later that day.”

6. What would you do if you noticed a discrepancy during the end-of-day reconciliation?

A candidate’s answer to this question tells you how thorough they are and whether they appropriately follow procedures regarding escalating issues.

Sample answer: “First, I would double-check my count to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. I would then contact a supervisor and make them aware of the situation.”

7. What do you do during extremely busy times?

Since banks sometimes get sudden influxes of clients, you need a candidate that makes good choices when under pressure from customers.

Sample answer: “When things get busy, I always make customer-facing tasks a priority. I also make sure I don’t sacrifice quality of work or accuracy for the sake of speed. And I remain calm no matter how much tension we’re feeling from customers.”

8. What does being a good team member mean to you?

This bank teller interview question can tell you a lot about the kind of team player a candidate is. You’re looking for an answer that shows an attitude of humility and self-sacrifice. Ideally, your bank teller candidate puts the interests of the team ahead of their own.

Sample answer: “First, I try to communicate and listen carefully to my teammates. In this way, I can discover different ways of supporting them. I also look for opportunities to offer assistance—even if that means cutting my break short to give them a rest if they’re looking a little stressed out.”

9. What are some of the reasons you want to work for our particular bank?

This is your chance to see if your candidate has performed thoughtful research prior to the interview. You’re also looking for an answer that reflects a desire to support your bank. Red flag answers would include:

  • Because you pay more.
  • Your bank is a little closer to my house.
  • I need a change of pace; my current job stresses me out.

Sample answer: “Your bank prioritizes customer service, and that’s something I really enjoy. In my research, I also noticed some interesting community outreach programs your bank’s involved in, and those are intriguing. I also read that your bank helps people advance toward their career goals, and I would appreciate that opportunity as well.”

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Find Your Next Bank Teller Now

As you interview, you want to ask the right bank teller interview questions that tell you things their resume may not convey, such as their thoughtfulness, attitude towards customer service, and ability to exercise good judgment.

Pay close attention to their answers, and feel free to ask any follow-ups that pop into your head. Their answers may uncover more about the kind of bank teller and teammate they’ll be.

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