We Asked Recruiters How They’ve Used ChatGPT for Recruiting

ChatGPT’s influence on the workforce will eventually be measured by how big it is rather than if it has an impact at all. The artificial intelligence chatbot, which will soon have a viable competitor in Google’s Bard, has provided time-saving solutions for workers across all industries, from helping identify problems with code, to writing legal briefs, to generating email responses to customers.

We recently wrote an article assessing how well ChatGPT could write a job description. The conclusion was that, while it could get a good format and base text going, it couldn’t really make a job description highly unique to your needs and company. Job descriptions aren’t the only way this tool can impact a company’s recruiting processes now and in the future.

Though the tool has only been in wide use since the beginning of 2023, recruiters have found ways to help it streamline some of their processes. We asked some of our recruiters how they’ve used ChatGPT, if they found it useful, if they see it saving them time, and if they see it impacting recruiting as a whole in the future. Here is what they said:

“I’ve been blown away by its functionality and accuracy.”

“From a candidate screening perspective, it’s helped me write a quick blurb about the candidate’s overall experience based on shorthand notes from an intake/screening conversation. It’s able to break down high level technical abilities so I can understand it better. It also understands from a high level what a specific tool/technology is, how they work, what other tech they integrate with, and why someone would use it.”

“I’ve been blown away by its functionality and accuracy. I can’t pinpoint the exact amount of time it’s saved me, but it’s definitely three-plus hours this week alone.”

“For me personally, this is going to be really useful for technical conversations with candidates that use tools I have less experience with.”

Ryan Sorenson, Pro Recruiter, Fort Lauderdale

“AI Is Only As Good as the Person Asking Questions”

“I’ve asked ChatGPT to summarize a job description in better day-to-day verbiage rather than present a bullet list of requirements of the job. I’ve also used it for:

  • Automating writing emails to better impact candidates for interviews and screenings. It can take a job description and translate, elaborate, and prepare candidates for what to expect in a more technical depth than most recruiters can. You can even create screening questions!
  • Formulating questions when following up with candidates with technical skills in niche industries/job positions
  • Formulating questions for clients to get better clarity about a job description.

Main takeaway is the AI is only as good as the person asking questions. You can train it to play a character. So I ask ChatGPT things like, ‘You are salesperson at a recruiting firm. How would you…,’ then prompt it what you want to know.”

Michael Rosen, Recruiting Manager, Ft. Lauderdale

“It has ‘wonderful’ uses for the future.”

Some things McCollum says he’s asked ChatGPT include:

  • Clarifying descriptions of various technologies
  • Which technologies relate to other specific technologies (in the context of trying to figure out similar experiences for candidates, for example using R or Python)
  • How to describe proficiency with certain technologies within a resume

He’s also used it to conduct and help expand Boolean searches to populate better candidates for our clients. He also uses it for general knowledge gathering when working on job requisitions. Mccollum said it has saved him time when trying to source candidates and that ChatGPT has “wonderful” uses for recruiting in the future.

Kyle Mccollum, Pro Recruiter, Toronto

“It takes a mental load off my plate.”

“Typically I use ChatGPT for blurbs, which are write ups that recruiter and account managers provide to clients regarding the candidate’s qualifications. I usually begin the conversation by telling ChatGPT I need help with creating a professional summary. I submit portions of the resume that I want to focus, and then I’ll include my “sell” to the account manager and tell ChatGPT to emphasize those details. I spend a couple of minutes editing the blurb once it’s been provided. I think the greatest benefit for me personally is that it takes a mental load off my plate, and it gives me back some time, when it comes to writing dozens of blurbs per week.”

Rachel Padilla, Pro Recruiter, Raleigh

Can ChatGPT Be Used As A Tool In Recruiting?

It remains to be seen the level of impact ChatGPT will have for recruiting, and as the AI behind ChatGPT improves, so will the potential for how it can help recruiters in their day-to-day duties. If you need help with your recruiting processes, we can help.

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