5 Types of Remote Positions Hiring Right Now

Remote Hiring

If envisioning yourself working day-to-day in an office isn’t quite sitting well with you, don’t worry. Many companies in have roles that won’t require you to be in the office at all.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 unique jobs that are currently hiring people like you to work from the comfort of your home.

Copy Editor
Has anyone ever told you that you’re a grammar police? Copy editor roles come in many different forms. Whether you prefer editing resumes and medical research, corporate communications or fiction writing, your job is to create, proofread and modify the very words we read and digest from different sources every day. From books to articles to web content, copy editors ensure that anything written is grammatically correct, readable and strikes the tone of the relevant brand and desired target audience.

Graphic Designer
Graphic designers create meaning with art. In a similar way that writers draw emotion and communicate a particular tone and message, graphic designers develop powerful visual concepts to inform, inspire and captivate viewers and users. They help organizations bring their brand to life and express their identity through many forms and fashions such as promotions, advertising, social media and rebranding.

Medical Coder
Do you see the world in numbers and data? Medical coders are detail-oriented go-getters who convert patients’ information to standardized codes, which are then documented for healthcare insurance claims and databases. If you’re someone who feels most confident behind the computer, crunching numbers and transforming diagnoses, procedures, services and equipment into alphanumeric codes, this is the job for you. To be a medical coder, you must consider yourself a perfectionist in order to correctly apply code during the billing process, documentation process and insurance claim process.

Virtual Assistant
If you have a knack for helping others, this one’s for you. Virtual assistants help their employers with daily administrative tasks and schedules. In this role, you are in charge of handling the small details that keep the company thriving so that others can focus on larger company initiatives. A few examples of what a virtual assistant may be tasked with are expense reports, orders and confidential financial information.

Helpdesk Specialist
The ideal person for this role is passionate about helping others, is tech savvy and able to support users on a wide scope of computer-related issues. Whether your strength is dealing with hardware, software or both, you’re responsible for answering questions, critically thinking through system issues and working out kinks in a timely and professional manner. This position gives you the opportunity to learn from and interact with the IT team and computer users across an entire organization.

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