Who We Hire

We hire elite talent. We invest in the intangibles, not one major, school, or amount of experience determines whether or not a candidate will be successful at Insight Global.

Rather, we look for people with an innate sense of grit; future leaders, team players, those with an excitement to relentlessly compete in sales and who crave purpose behind what they do. We look for a drive to be successful, a magnetic personality and a strong belief in our Shared Values.


We look for those who have strong personalities, who are positive, charismatic and have a willingness to connect with others.

Grit & Work Ethic

This job is challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding. We want the type of people who persevere beyond the hard stuff and proactively pursue long-term goals, work well under pressure, and can handle difficult situations. There will always be obstacles, but how our people handle them is what sets us apart.


Together, anything is possible. IG employees must want to be part of a team and work well with others. Every success story has a team of people behind it.


Of everything, our culture is the most important and our Shared Values define us: Everyone Matters, We Take Care of Each Other, Leadership is Here to Serve, High Character & Hard Work Above All Else & Always Know Where You Stand. Our employees (and those we seek to hire) embody and live out these Shared Values.


We want someone who’s motivated, excited about sales, looking to start a long-term career, and can embody our Sales Behaviors: Ability to Build in-Person Relationships, Urgent, Aggressive and Direct, Relentlessly Compete, Always Find a Way, and Be Elite.

Our Sales Identity

Our Shared Values are the fabric of our company. They’re who we are, and shape everything we do. Our Sales Behaviors reflect our mentality, how we approach business. and what makes Insight Global stand out from our competitors. Together, they form our Sales Identity and represent who we are as a sales organization.

Our Shared Values

  • Everyone Matters
  • We take Care of Each Other
  • Leadership is Here to Serve
  • High Character & Hard Work Above All Else
  • Always Know Where You Stand


Our Sales Behaviors

  • Build In-Person Relationships
  • Be Urgent, Aggressive, and Direct
  • Relentlessly Compete
  • Find a Way
  • Be Elite