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WEBINAR: Improve Your Interview Process in 2024


Interviewing candidates is one of the toughest parts of the hiring process for hiring managers. In fact, 50% of respondents told us that it was the hardest part of hiring. Interviewing is often the longest part of the hiring process (the average takes weeks). And we get it—we interview thousands of candidates every week for roles across dozens of industries!

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What We Covered

  • How hiring and interviewing have changed
  • Why it’s so important to nail down a solid interview process
  • Our interview framework and how you can lead your interview with strategy and empathy

Our Presenters

Our presenters for this webinar were:

  • Rebecca Farno, Consultant Engagement Lead — Insight Global
  • Alex Mileskiewicz, Director of Operations — Insight Global

Rebecca and Alex have a combined 15+ years’ experience finding people jobs! Together, they’ve interviewed thousands of candidates.

And don’t forget to download our Complete Guide to Interviewing Candidates—a downloadable PDF that touches on everything from preparing for an interview to evaluating candidates afterward.

Interviewing candidates can be tough. Insight Global makes hiring easy. Download our free guide. Image of a preview of the guide.