Why Your Internal IT Department is So Important

Person Coding

Being a part of a reputable IT team allows brilliant individuals to create remarkable systems, processes, solutions, and results, from start ups to multi-billion dollar companies.

We interviewed Ben Roberts, Software Development Manager at Insight Global, to find out why embracing your company’s IT department is so important to your organization’s success.

Q: Why is IT so important?

A: It’s all about how your IT department is perceived from the start. A lot of IT departments are stereotyped, that are the guys at home playing video games who you call when your computer won’t turn on. You can look at your IT Department as a support function, but it’s vital to look at them as a value-added service. They can make anything the company does infinitely better. Also, remember to thank your IT team. They only hear from people when things are going wrong.

Q: How has the IT department at Insight Global evolved?

A: When I started at Insight Global there were 40 people in our IT department. We were there for support, to make sure the computers work, and to keep the website up and running. Slowly, the company realized they could build things that would enhance business not just keep it afloat. The service desk has grown tremendously, developers have grown immensely, and we have a terrific cybersecurity team.

Q: What is cybersecurity?

A: Cybersecurity is everything from the network, servers, website, to the shared drives on everyone’s individual computers. Everything is connected. If someone is able to gain access to one computer, they have access to all. Cyber security is important because organizations store unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices. A significant portion of that data can be sensitive information, whether that be intellectual property, financial data, personal information, or other types of data for which unauthorized access or exposure could have negative consequences. Your cybersecurity team is there to protect you. It’s one of the most important things that your IT department can do for your company.

Q: Why is technical support so important?

A: Down time is the number one reason. You need technical support so you can get back up and running to continue your day-to-day functions. Having a good service desk and help desk is so important. They need to be efficient and have quality technology to solve things quickly.

Q: What should a great IT team look like?

A: They should respond to issues in a timely manner. Websites are going to go down, and you’re going to have issues but they should be there to work with you. They should be a good partner and you should be able to work together on things. They also should have scalability and be able to grow with the business.

Q: How can you be a good partner to the IT Team?

A: Understanding that we are in this together, taking the concept and stereotype of IT servicing you and throwing that in the trash. Be patient with them as well, they have a process to stick to and it’s important to let them get through that process. Never go to IT with a solution, only with a problem. Trust that they have to knowledge to fix the issue and Let them solve the problem.

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