Insight Global Launches Formal DE&I Training & Development Services Division

Insight Global's DE&I Team

Insight Global announced the launch of its new diversity, equity and inclusion services division created with a singular mission in mind: to create more equitable, inclusive workforces through education, perspective, and the implementation of diverse practices.

This new offering is aimed at creating intentional and meaningful change for companies and organizations when it comes to building a workforce representative of today’s society.

“The past few years have brought to light so many of the systemic social injustices that exist in this country, and we are determined to change the narrative,” said Korryn Williamson, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Insight Global. “As a staffing firm, we can shift and shape what the future workforce of America looks like to ensure it is more representative of the population and demographics that we – and our clients – serve.”

The new training and development services provide one-on-one mentoring to adequately train leaders how to inclusively lead, addressing issues like unconscious bias in the workplace, allyship, racism and advocacy, micro-aggression, and psychological safety. Leaders will learn via experiential and hands-on curriculum how these elements, and others, play into onboarding, hiring and retention of talent.

“Rather than simply checking a box, companies need to be much more intentional and purposeful with their approach to creating environments that allow people from all walks of life to thrive,” said Bria Villasante, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist at Insight Global. “Not only do we have a direct impact on every single contingent workforce with some of the largest corporations in the country, but we have a huge responsibility as well.”

We Offer DE&I Training & Talent Solutions

Services and offerings are divided into two branches: talent solutions and training solutions. Talent solutions take a close look at diverse recruiting practices, market analyses, project reporting, and leveraging partnerships to identify niche talent pools, while training solutions include hands-on sessions that provide guidance on how to turn personal commitment into organizational and team change. All offerings focus on the following critical topics:

  • DEI 101 + Biases: Explaining what DE&I is, what biases are, and how it impacts the workforce
  • Dimensions of Diversity: A further look into gender, diversity, generational diversity, neurodiversity, ableism, tokenism and other aspects of diversity.
  • Hiring + Onboarding: Defining professionalism, best practices in interviewing, access and opportunity, quota hiring versus belonging, and more.
  • Inclusive Communication: A dive into macroaggressions and microaggressions, trust, privilege and other communication habits
  • Biases: Deeper conversation and education around different biases with an emphasis on specific biases that are relevant to work environments and daily operations.
  • Anti-Racism, Allyship, and Advocacy: Defining each of these terms, how they play into daily interactions in and out of the workplace, as well as breaking down stigmatization around the words themselves.
  • Mental Health, Psychological and Social Safety: A deeper discussion on creating inclusive environments that support mental wellness. Covers mental illness versus wellness, vulnerability, empathy, conflict and more.

“Our offerings and services are quite robust to ensure that we provide companies with a diverse talent pool,” said Williamson. “But beyond that, we’re really looking to train and immerse companies, equipping them with everything they need to create an inclusive infrastructure that fosters growth and genuine happiness for employees.”

In addition to these consulting services, Insight Global supports organizations of all shapes and sizes with diversity council creation, diversity recruiting, employee networking and resource groups, quarterly diversity data reporting, one-on-one coaching, and talent lifecycle planning.

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