Diversity Council

Making real change with the Diversity Council.

Diverse group of employees
We founded our Diversity Council in 2019, with the recognition that achieving DE&I goals requires focus, intentionality, and thoughtful discussion.
What began as a small group of people with a fiery passion for diversity has since become a platform and voice for the many backgrounds and cultures that make up our company. Recognizing that additional investment was needed to sustain and accelerate this growth, we hired a full-time Diversity Council Program Manager and have grown our program to 56 ambassadors.
The Diversity Council’s mission is to champion diversity and inclusion to create environments where people can bring their full, authentic selves to work every day. As one of our company’s biggest priorities, the Diversity Council aims to create a more equitable and inclusive workforce through education, dialogue, and careful review of policies and practices that can impact DE&I goals, positively or negatively.

Diversity Council Ambassadors

In 2022, there were over 63 Insight Global employees directly involved in the work of the Diversity Council, either as core council members or as regional and office ambassadors.
We see our Diversity Council as the think tank while our Ambassadors are our microphone. Core Council members are responsible for partnering with Insight Global Stakeholders to provide guidance and feedback on DE&I practices to implement into each line of business in our organization as well as collectively creating new initiatives and processes to further our overall DEI goals. Our Ambassadors are responsible for driving that message to their local markets, offices, and organizations while also independently organizing and creating dialogue surrounding DEI in our various offices and functional areas.