Resume Red Flags

Resume Red FlagsResume_Red_Flag_Article

Six seconds. Did you know that some employers spend as little as six seconds looking at your resume initially to deem if you’re qualified for their job opening? In those six seconds, employers are evaluating the relevancy of your skill set, professional experience, and overall appeal of your resume. Lacking in any of these areas, and you can consider yourself thrown in the “no thanks” pile.

Want to stay out of the “no thanks” pile? Try avoiding these 4 red flags.

Red Flag #1: The length of your resume doesn’t match your experience.

The appropriate length for resumes is based on depth of experience, knowledge, and current job goals. Are you a new college grad with a four page long resume? Find the backspace button and try again! A new college graduate will not have the same resume as an experienced professional. College grads should try to stick around one page for their resume while more experienced professionals can aim for two. Also, try to avoid throwing in the kitchen sink when listing skills. You know what we’re talking about. Simple and clear outlines of relevant skills candidates are proficient in is what truthfully gets the employer’s attention.

Red Flag #2: Careless typos.

It goes without saying that glaring typos and spelling errors on a resume make us all cringe. The occasional typo happens to the best of us, but be sure to pay careful attention to detail when it comes to writing our your resume. Re-read your resume and have friends and family do the same!

Red Flag #3: Unusual add-ons.

Themed headshots, astrological profiles, and hobbies like watching Harry Potter have all been seen numerous of times.. unfortunately. While these things may make Hiring Managers or Recruiters chuckle, it’s a good way to get yourself tossed in the no thanks pile. Keep it simple and professional.

Red Flag #4 Date of assignments.

Be specific with your dates of employment! Employment listed only in years tends to be a way to mask employment gaps. This causes recruiters to assume that candidates were unsuccessful and raises a red flag immediately. An employment gap is not an impossible obstacle to get past. Be honest and provide the exact month of each position from start to finish.

Your resume can easily avoid the trash by paying attention to detail, avoiding silly add-on’s, and not diving into your experience with too much depth. Remember, you have 6 seconds to make an impression. Make it count.

Looking for your next opportunity? Whether you’re looking for a new career or your next assignment, visit our job board to find the perfect opportunity for you. Don’t forget to proof read that resume!