Do You Have What It Takes to be Successful in Sales?

Do You have what it takes to be successful in sales?Sales+Web+Article

There are a lot of perks that come with a successful career in Sales. It can be an exciting career of meeting new people, traveling, and thriving in a fast pace environment. But sales isn’t for the faint of heart. Without the right mindset, it can be easy to oversee the rewarding career that sales can be!

Insight Global Director of Sales Development, Courtney Luther, offers a few tips to keep in mind when thinking of pursuing a career in sales!

Sales is hard

Being in sales in any industry is challenging. You are going to hear no a lot and are constantly in a spot where you have to be vulnerable. Remember your WHY and choose optimism to get through the hard times.

Embrace the climb

Sales is a marathon not a sprint. Things are always changing and you need to motivate yourself constantly to enjoy the hunt and embrace the discovery phase. Seek to understand your clients and industry and be forever curious.

Celebrate the small stuff

Just like in life, your sales career will be filled with many ups and downs. Celebrate every small victory you can- one new referral, a client saying yes on a cold call, an opportunity for new business. Celebrating the multitude of small wins along the way will help you stay engaged and motivated when the times get tough.

Less is more

When you’re starting out, there is a feeling that you need a ton of clients/customers in order to be successful. I have learned that in fact the opposite is true. Becoming a subject matter expert with a select 3-5 accounts will ultimately allow you to be a better partner compared to scratching the surface with 15-20 accounts. Quality over quantity is key.

Be your authentic self always

Sales is all about relationship building and every relationship is a two way street. Sharing your true self in every interaction will help ensure the most quality relationships are being built. People respect and respond to authenticity always.